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Rome in cinema between reality and fiction

Autore: Elisabetta Bruscolini (edited by)

Anno: 2006

Pagine: 164, [60]

Editore: Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia

ISBN: 8895219015

€ 30,00


This updated re-release of the catalogue that accompanied the eponymous exhibition that the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia curated in 2001 is being republished to mark the first year of “Cinema. Festa Internazionale di Roma”. The volume aims to be, first and foremost, a tribute to a city which filmmakers of all ages have chosen as setting for the fulfilment of their cinematic dreams: as such, with the age-old glory of its history reflected in its monumental remains, the elegance and orderliness of its bourgeois neighbourhoods, and the bleak urban landscapes of its suburbs, Rome provides an impressive backdrop to the countless facets of human existence. The juxtaposition of the real city versus the fantastic one inside Cinecittà studios is examined here through an excellent gaze, that of some of the most important set photographers who have used and re-imagined this city for the film industry.
The book also features essays by respected scholars and interviews with leading experts (Giuseppe Rotunno, Luciano Tovoli, Andrea Crisanti, among others), a rich corpus of pictures from the collection of the Cineteca Nazionale’s Photographic Library and a list of feature films produced and shot in Rome from 1930 to the present.

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