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Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia
Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia
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Facilities and conventions

The School is active in the search of conventions with theaters, cultural institutions, book stores and shops of various kind.

Canteen and bar
The School, in its venues equipped with a canteen, grants one meal per day to the students. The canteen of the Central Office in Rome has 106 seats. The menu is rich and various: it provides hot and cold meals, and alternatives that (when possible) can be cooked on the spot.

Video library 
The students have access to a video library with more than 18.000 titles.

Theatres, cinema and facilities

The School has numerous fully equipped classrooms: rehearsing rooms, gyms, photography laboratories, scene and costume laboratories, cinema halls, mixing rooms, editing rooms, pro tools workstations, vfx, dubbing room, color correction laboratories, lighting equipment storage, theatres and green-screen labs. Every course has access to specific and advanced technology.

Residenza Buonamici
Non-resident students can rent a room in the School’s guesthouse, in via Buonamici 8, in the premises of the Rome Office. The Residenza offers 46 rooms with private bathroom, a large kitchen, common spaces for study and relax, and a garden with sports facilities.

To find out about the updated conventions, please consult the Italian page