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Facilities and conventions

The School is active in the search of conventions with theaters, cultural institutions, book stores and shops of various kind.

Canteen and bar
The School, in its venues equipped with a canteen, grants one meal per day to the students. The canteen of the Central Office in Rome has 106 seats. The menu is rich and various: it provides hot and cold meals, and alternatives that (when possible) can be cooked on the spot.

Video library 
The students have access to a video library with more than 18.000 titles.

Theatres, cinema and facilities

The School has numerous fully equipped classrooms: rehearsing rooms, gyms, photography laboratories, scene and costume laboratories, cinema halls, mixing rooms, editing rooms, pro tools workstations, vfx, dubbing room, color correction laboratories, lighting equipment storage, theatres and green-screen labs. Every course has access to specific and advanced technology.

Residenza Buonamici
Non-resident students can rent a room in the School’s guesthouse, in via Buonamici 8, in the premises of the Rome Office. The Residenza offers 46 rooms with private bathroom, a large kitchen, common spaces for study and relax, and a garden with sports facilities.

The Puglia Office in Lecce is equipped with a guesthouse that offers 12 sleeps reserved for the students of the course in Audiovisual heritage conservation and management.




Teatro Olimpico spa grants to the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Scuola Nazionale di Cinema students/employees/teachers the possibility to buy discounted

tickets for themselves and their cohabiting family members for the shows for which reductions are available, and that take place in the Teatro Olimpico.


  • The agreement with the theatre allows to buy subscriptions and tickets with discount. The discount variates from 10% to 30% according to the shows.
  • Subscriptions: can be acquired according to prices and modalities indicated

in the shifts schedule. Reductions apply to the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday shifts (booking is mandatory).

  • Ticket Office: for single tickets, reductions apply only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and

Thursdays and will be accorded only upon booking and according to availability.

  • Discounts can not be granted on the Ticket Office in the day of the show.

The Management reserves the right to suspend reductions to specific shows.


Booking must be made compulsorily to the theatre from Monday to Friday from 09:30

to 18:15 with the following procedure:

  • by phone to the number 06.
  • by email to the address ufficiopromozione@teatroolimpico.it


  • The method of payment will be agreed with the theatre at the time of the booking.

It is possible to pay by credit card over the phone (1.00 euro commission per ticket)

Ticket withdrawal

  • To withdraw tickets it is necessary to exhibit, upon request, a valid badge.

In case the person fails to present it, no reduction will be applied.

The tickets can be withdrawn only in the Teatro Olimpico.



The convention grants to the students, employees and respective family members

to get access, until plafond exhaustion, to a discount of about 20% on the purchase of

Subscriptions, Card and Tickets.

The discounts are available only upon booking to the Ufficio Promozione of the theatre to the following contacts:

Ufficio promozione

Manager Filippa Piazza

Cral, Associazioni, Gruppi Letizia Barbini

email promozione@teatroquirino.com tel. 06.837848 03-02

from Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 17.30

The shows of 31st December and every Sunday afternoon shows are not included in the agreement.

Info e programmazione: https://www.teatroquirino.it



Via Jacopa de Settesoli, 3 00153 Roma

tel. 338 8940447

e-mail: prom. trastevere@gmail.com

For students and employees:

Single ticket for evening shows: 7 euro (including membership card)

Info and program: https://www.teatrotrastevere.it



Via Giacinto Carini, 78 – 00152 Roma

Tel. 06.5881021/06.5898031

www.teatrovascello.it Cristina D’Aquanno

Press office, public relations and informations Teatro Vascello



Conventioned prices:

The Teatro Vascello grants to students and personnel of the School special conditions for the purchasing of tickets for the season 2021-2022. Discounted prices €15 per person instead of € 20


The card does not give access to a fixed seat, and is valid for the following shows: Peng – Echo Chamber – Dancing Partners Spellbound 25 – Una cosa enorme Antichi Maestri – Tavola tavola, chiodo chiodo – Porte – Astor

purchase on-line https://www.vivaticket.com/it/biglietto/card-love/162890


The card does not give access to a fixed seat, is personal, and valid for the following shows: Peng – Echo Chamber – Dancing Partners Spellbound 25 – Una cosa enorme Antichi Maestri – Tavola tavola, chiodo chiodo – Porte – Astor acquista on line

purchase on-line https://www.vivaticket.com/it/biglietto/card-love/162890

For groups of at least 10 students from theatre schools, cinema schools,

and universities € 10 per person. To have access to the discount it is necessary to present at the ticket office a valid badge.

Info and program: https://www.teatrovascello.it/



Piazza Santa Maria Liberatrice 10

06.5740170 – 06.5740598, Monday-Friday.  h. 11:00-13:00 and h 16:00-18:00

Students and employees’ discounts – according to availability – upon booking and presentation of a valid badge (31.12.2021 excluded)

up to 4 people: floor 23 Euro – balcony 20 Euro

from 5 to 10 people: floor 21 Euro – balcony 16 Euro

above 10 people: floor 17 Euro – balcony 16 Euro

Card 12 tickets Euro 216,00- Card 10 tickets Euro 205

Info and program: https://www.teatrovittoria.it

N.B. The seats are nominative and numbered according to social distancing,

it is mandatory to wear surgical or FFP” mask at all time during the show.

Seats may be assigned close to each other only to cohabiting persons and/or family members upon presentation of a declaration from the purchaser to be filled and signed at the ticket office. It is required to withdraw the tickets on a day prior to the show

to avoid crowding the theatre lobby, and paying with electronic currency.

It is reminded that starting August 6th 2021 it is mandatory to present the Green Pass

or a test made in the previous 48 hours. To facilitate the execution of

the Green pass and ID check procedures it is kindly requested to arrive to

the theatre earlier.



AZIENDA SPECIALE PALA EXPO (valid until 31.12.2021)

Via Nazionale, 194 – Roma

info@palaexpo.it; www.palaexpo.it

For students and employees discount on the admission tickets to the

Palazzo delle Esposizioni exhibitions upon presentation of the Fondazione badge

and proof of identity.



Via G. Reni,4° – Roma

Tel. 06 324861 – www.maxxi.art

For students and employees upon presentation of the badge:

regular discount on the admission ticket to the Museum (9,00 Euro instead of 12,00 Euro)

20% discount on the purchase of the various type of Card MyMaxxi.