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Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia
Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia
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Scuola Nazionale di Cinema

The Scuola Nazionale di Cinema of the CSC is the oldest and most prestigious film school in the world.

Established in 1935, the Experimental Center of Cinematography Foundation (CSC – Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia) is an indispensable point of reference for the Italian cinema. It includes the National Film School (Scuola Nazionale di Cinema), a historical place of excellence for cinema professions, and the National Film Archive (Cineteca Nazionale), one of the oldest and most important film archives in the world.

Founder member of the CILECT (Centre International de Liaison des Ecoles de Cinéma et de Télévision), the National Film School, directed by Headmaster Adriano De Santis, is a primary education site for audiovisual and film professionals and a relevant discussion place for students, scholars, teachers and researchers coming from all over the world.

The school is structured into 15 educational areas, all run by professionals: Chiara Magri (Animation), Paolo Cherchi Usai (Conservation and management of the audio-visual heritage), Maurizio Millenotti (Costume Design), Costanza Quatriglio (Documentary), Giuseppe Lanci (Photography), Francesca Calvelli (Film Editing), Gianluca Arcopinto (Film Production),Maurizio Nichetti (Advertising and Industrial Cinema),Giancarlo Giannini (Acting), Daniele Luchetti (Regia),Daniele Segre (Audiovisual Reportage), Franco Bernini (Screenplay), Francesco Frigeri (Scenography), Stefano Campus (Sound Design), Renato Pezzella, Eros Puglielli and Daniele Tomassetti (Visual effects supervisor & producer).

Cinema professions are a point of excellence in the entertainment industry.

Cinematographic institutions and productions draw on these places to start new projects and find good professionals. The number of students who rapidly enter the world of work is high.

The teaching staff is constituted by prominent members of the national and international cinema.

The wide variety of works produced by the students – awarded all over the world –  testifies the wealth of proposals in their style, in the topics covered and in the technical skills.

Cinema is a living matter, in constant flux.

Film industry consolidated aspects have been affected by media and communication continuous changes, influencing  both the procedures and the use of the filmic product.

Epochal changes require a constant updating in learning and a level of knowledge able to meet the constantly evolving labour market demands.

Interpreting these new requirements, the National Film School plays a proactive role in students global training by proposing up-to-date courses and innovative and at the forefront lessons. Tradition and innovation, fundamental skills and research constitute the solid foundation of both a classical and an experimental education.

In order to meet the labour market requirements, the educational offer is designed to unlock students’ potentials and aspirations through the school’s human and technological resources.

Following the spirit of integrating and comparing the different professional skills, including communication expression abilities, the different courses flow into a permanent workshop.