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Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia
Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia
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Fondazione Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia

Founded in 1935, the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia is part of the contemporary scientific and cultural background and an essential reference point for the Italian and worldwide cinema.


The Experimental Cinematography Center Foundation, chaired by Marta Donzelli, is divided into two main areas:
– the National School of Cinema, committed for eighty years in the training of excellence for the professions of cinema
– the National Film Library, one of the oldest and most important film archives in the world.

As in a cultural incubation, all the professional workers interact in the cinematography field: producers, directors, screenwriters, actors, cinematographers, set designers, editors, musicians and sound technicians, as well as experts on digital cinematography, scholars, teachers and students from all over the world.

It has the headquarter in Rome, in the historic complex of Via Tuscolana in the Cinecittà area. Moreover, it has numerous locations in the main Italian regions;

In Turin, with the Animation Course;

In Milan, with the European Television Fiction and Industrial Film Communication Course;

in Lecce with the Conservation and Management of the audiovisual heritage

in Palermo, with the Course of artistic and historical documentary and docu-fiction;

in L’Aquila, with the Course of historical and current affairs reporting.

The School also plays a central role in the international context, as a member of the European Association of Schools of Cinema and Television (GEECT) and the International Association of Cinema and Television (CILECT)

Cineteca Nazionale

The National Film Library collects, preserves and restores a film heritage that, thanks to the legal deposit of Italian film works and co-production, it’s enriched every year. In Italy and abroad, it plays a role in spreading, enhancing and promoting this cultural heritage, even through agreements with institutions, festivals, schools, universities and cultural associations.


Notable are the structures dedicated to the non-film materials of the photo and poster libraries. The National Film Library curates a free entry programming activity in various locations. In Ivrea is active the National Archive of Industrial Cinema, which collects films of industries, production companies, advertising films and various bodies.

The National Film Library adheres to the world’s largest association organization of film archives: the FIAF (Fédération Internationale des Archives du film).

Biblioteca Chiarini

The Library “Luigi Chiarini” collects the largest filmography collection in Italy. Established in 1935 as an internal support to the training of CSC students, over the decades it has gradually established itself as one of the main places in Italy for the custody of film culture.

Accesso cineteca - CSC


The publishing activities of the Experimental Center of Cinematography are divided into numerous initiatives, starting with the publication of the historical magazine “Bianco e Nero”.

Among the most prestigious editions, the encyclopedic “History of Italian Cinema”, it’s currently in the process of being published. Hundreds of volumes published as part of  series of studies and research, making the CSC the first film publisher in Italy.

CSC Production

CSC Production, a fully owned subsidiary by the Experimental Center of Cinematography, it coordinates the students in educational workshops, short films, documentaries and full-lenght films during the entire three-year period of the school.

It enters into distribution and marketing agreements and produces institutional or promotional films, in collaboration with public and private bodies, overseeing the projects and activities of CSC students in their implementation phase.

It often supported the pupils after leaving the School, following them into the making of their first full-lenght film. It has created a series of meetings with famous personalities of Italian cinema and culture and with professionals and technicians of the set. Furthermore it has edited two collections of video-interviews, respectively for the necklaces “Ritratti” and the “I mestieri del cinema”.


The idea of creating a national school of cinematography dates back to 1930  and is due to the director  Alessandro Blasetti.


The Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia diversifies on the national territory


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