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“Artbonus” opportunities

Artbonus, it is a measure of the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities and Tourism  that represents an important novelty in the field of liberal donations applied to cultural heritage. A great opportunity to enhance the Italian historical and artistic heritage.

The Cineteca Nazionale, established by state law in 1949, has the task of  preserving and spreading the Italian film heritage. The law n.958 of 29 December 1949 establishes the deposit of the law: a copy of any Italian production or co-production film must be delivered to the Cineteca Nazionale. In 1965, law n.1213 of 4 November extended the legal deposit to short films, newsreels and current news. Under Decree 28 of 2004, the obligation is extended for productions that have received government subsidies, even if they are new matrices.

With the consult 954-1100/2017 of the Revenue Agency, the Cineteca Nazionale of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematyografia is rightfully regarded as part of the entities that can benefit from the Art Bonus, so it is available to companies and patrons who want to restore and revive great masterpieces of Italian cinema, as well as “minor” films forgotten and equally precious.

Tax benefits

Under Article 1 of D.L. 31.5.2014, 83, “Urgent provisions for the protection of cultural heritage, the development of culture and the revival of tourism”, converted with amendments to law 106 of 29/07/2014, has been introduced a tax credit for liberal donations in support of culture and entertainment, the Art bonus, that is a support of patronage for cultural heritage.

Liberal disbursements must be related to the following interventions:

  • maintenance, protection and restoration of public cultural heritage;
  • support of institutions and cultural places of public belonging (e.g. museums, libraries, archives, archaeological areas and parks, monumental complexes, as defined by Article 101 of the Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape referred to the Legislative Decree 22/01/2004 n. 42) the lyrical-symphonic foundations and traditional theatres;
  • construction of new structures, restoration and enhancement of existing ones, public institutions or institutions that, not for profit, carry out exclusively activities in the entertainment world.

The Stability law 2016 of 28 December 2015, No. 208 has stabilized and made permanent the “Art bonus”, as well as the 65% tax relief for liberal grants in support of culture.

The D.L. 17 October 2016, No. 189 “Urgent interventions on behalf of the people affected by the earthquake of 24 August 2016”, provides an exemption for culturally interest properties located in the municipalities affected by the earthquake. For donations in favor of the reconstruction/restoration of the above-mentioned buildings will be recognized the tax credit.



The tax credit is 65% of the liberal donation made. The accrued tax credit must be divided into three annual instalments of the same amount.

In relation to the qualification of the person making the donation, there are maximum limits. In particular:

  • For individuals and non-commercial entities (employees, pensioners, professionals), the tax credit is recognised as a limit of 15% of the taxable income;
  • For those with business income (companies and individual companies) and non-commercial entities that also do business, the tax credit is recognised in the limit of 5 per thousand of annual revenues.

To develop restoration projects related to one of the many films that have made the history of Italian cinema using the tax exemption ART BONUS, write to marketing@fondazionecsc.it

Read more: http://artbonus.gov.it/la-normativa.html