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The posters and advertising materials that accompanied the release in the movie theater are a very useful tool for reconstructing the history of cinema and constitute an important artistic and cultural expression.

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The National Film Library collects and preserves posters, manifest, promotional materials created from the early years of cinema to the present day. Among the most important fund collections, donations, conventions, we remember:

815 posters and/or advertising materials (digitized) relating to the filmography of the Lux Film production company.

10,000 rare and in good condition advertising materials (being digitized) belonging to the private collection of Piero Matteini, relating to over 5,000 films of various nationalities, mainly Italian and American, that are released in theaters in a period substantially between the 1930s and the 80s.

Approximately 6,700 advertising materials relating to the productions and co-productions of Italian films with a time coverage ranging from the 80s to today. This fund is implemented annually.

About 450 posters and/or advertising materials (digitized) relating to the filmography of the Titanus Film production company.

The collection of the Film Archive of the National Film Library, one of the richest in the world, consists of about 60,000 titles including feature films and short films
Roma di Federico Fellini, 1972
The photographic archive of the National Film Library carries out constant work of preservation and reconstruction of the memory of cinema through photography and has a heritage of over a million images of various formats on different media, from original negatives and photographic prints to images on glass plate.