Pasqualino Settebellezze, di Lina Wertmuller
Pasqualino Settebellezze, di Lina Wertmuller

Film loan

The Cineteca Nazionale makes available a vast catalog to the cultural organizations for events without commercial purposes. The catalog is made up of 75% of Italian films. Over 1,500 screenings are organized every year in Italy and abroad.

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The National Film Library makes films from its archive available to cultural organizations for events without commercial purposes. The cultural loan service, regulated in accordance with the provisions of the attached document, it’s normally reserved for Italy and is managed by the Cultural Dissemination Office of the National Film Library. With regard to the foreign countries, the National Film Library has the right to collaborate with film archives, diplomatic representations, Italian Cultural Institutes and other cultural subjects according to different procedures.

To access the film loan, it is necessary to send to (at least one month before the date scheduled for the screenings, but a much earlier advance is recommended ) the documentation listed in the document attached to diffusioneculturale @ fondazionecsc. en.

Please note that requests received less than a month before the screening date cannot be taken into consideration.

The following indication must be given for each film of the National Film Library screening program: “Copy from the Experimental Center of Cinematography – National Film Library”. Moreover it must be indicated, on all printed materials (unless otherwise agreed) and into the same press corps of the organizers, the following indication: “In collaboration with the Experimental Center of Cinematography – National Film Library.” The logo of the Cineteca Nazionale must be present and clearly visible in all the press and online communication relating to the initiative carried out within the collaboration.

Loan contribution

For each film loaned, at every step must be corresponded a contribution payed in advance, that aim to creating new copies intended to the cultural diffusion. The certification of the payment must reach the National Film Library before the collection of the films.

For more information about procedures and costs,
write to

Le cinque giornate di Dario Argento, 1973. Dario Argento e la troupe davanti al Duomo. Foto di Vincenzo Falsaperla
The photographic archive offers a search service for photographs related the titles or the cast of films for study purposes and/or non-commercial publications.
The Film Library encourages both the study and the research activities of films, aiming to reach students and researchers from Italian and foreign universities.