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Pasqualino Settebellezze, di Lina Wertmuller
Pasqualino Settebellezze, di Lina Wertmuller

Film loan

The Cineteca Nazionale makes available a vast catalog to the cultural organizations for events without commercial purposes. The catalog is made up of 75% of Italian films. Over 1,500 screenings are organized every year in Italy and abroad.

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The Cineteca Nazionale protects, spreads and promotes the national and international film heritage represented by its collection. After being restored or duplicated, the films of the Cineteca Nazionale are used for an intense activity of cultural diffusion: every year more than 1500 screenings are organized in Italy and around the world with our collaboration. Distribution copies of the films of the Cineteca Nazionale can be used, under certain conditions, by cultural bodies for events without commercial purpose (the laws governing this activity are listed at the bottom of the page). The Cineteca Nazionale has an extensive catalogue of titles, most of them are Italian films.


Cultural diffusion: regulation

The cultural loan service for screenings in Italy and abroad, is regulated according to the following provisions by the Cultural Promotion Office to which all requests should be addressed through this email: diffusioneculturale@fondazionecsc.it.


To access the movie loan, you must submit the request as follows:

  • two months before the scheduled date for film copy screenings;
  • one month before the scheduled date for digital copy projections.


Requests received beyond these deadlines cannot be taken into account.

The request must contain the following information:

  • dates and location of screenings;
  • a statement showing that screenings of the films of the Cineteca Nazionale (public or reserved for members and/or invited in the case of Cultural Associations) don’t have any profit motive;
  • the name of the manager and the institution that oversees the event and pays the share of access to the cultural loan;
  • The personal and tax data required for electronic invoicing of the share of access to cultural loans;
  • For requests from abroad, it is necessary to send the authorization of the entitled to the films in the territory where the screening is planned.

In the program of screenings for each film of the Cineteca Nazionale should be specified the following indication: “Copy from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Cineteca Nazionale” and on all printed materials must be indicated, except different written agreements, in the same press corps of the organizers, the indication: “In collaboration with the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Cineteca Nazionale.”

The logo of the Cineteca Nazionale will have to be present and clearly visible in all the online and printed communication related to the initiative carried out in collaboration.


Contribution for cultural loan

In order to access the cultural loan of the copies (film and digital) must be paid in advance a share  to the realization of new copies (in film and digital) intended for cultural diffusion.

The calculated amount for the single step is based on the length of the film, as follows:


Feature films: 180 euros + VAT

Short films: 60 euros + VAT

Foreign Films

Feature films: 215 euros + VAT (if due)

Short films:  85 euros + VAT (if due)


The contribution can be paid through a bank credit to

Fondazione Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia


IBAN: IT66J0100503397000000010000


Certification of the payment must be received to the Cultural Promotion Office by e-mail (diffusioneculturale@fondazionecsc.it) before the copies are withdrawn.


Film retreat

The applicant must inform the Cineteca Nazionale the name of the company or person in charge of the collection and return of the copies. The transport costs are borne by the applicant for both collection and return.

Films can be collected at the “Magazzino Film della Cineteca Nazionale” (Via Tuscolana No. 1520, 00173 Rome), Monday to Friday (9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.). The courier must present, at the time of collection, a copy of the order written with: a) list of titles booked; b) destination address; c) the name of the event manager.

A few days before the withdrawal you need to contact the Cultural Promotion Office to agree the date of the withdrawal and send a copy of the order to the courier to the following email:  diffusioneculturale@fondazionecsc.it.



The film copies must be projected by experienced and qualified technical staff and equipped with two projectors. It is forbidden to cut the heads and tails of the film, even in copies that already show the presence of joints. In case of rupture of the support, wrap the film without making joints, signaling the point with a strip of paper, and explaining in writing the reason and dynamics of the break. The films must be rewinded not on the projector, but with the proper tool, relocating the original plastic core to the center of each part.

Projection on projectors with “platter” systems are allowed only with the permission of the Cultural Broadcasting Office. In this case, the parts must be edited leaving no less than 12 frames in the head and tail at the first frame with the impressed image (or with the engraved soundtrack) of each reel. It is   absolutely forbidden to cut parts at the height of the impressed frames.

Please always put a duct tape at the end of the rollers in the boxes, to prevent the parts from unrolling in the transport. No writing should be added on the original boxes.


Respect for the film

The films must be projected with a proper matte: for the mute 1:1.33; whereas for the sound 1:1.37, 1:1.66, 1:1.85 or more, as appropriate. If the cabin is not equipped with the 1:1.37 matte (essential to ensure the correct projection of sound films before the 1960s and even some later), it is suggested to use the matte for the Scope without the anamorphic lens. For silent cinema, a projector with a speed varier should be used, depending on the case, between 16 and 24 frames per second. To avoid flickering the film, it may be useful to install a three-blade shutter.


Optimizing the loan service

The films must be sent back the day after the screening, except for several chords. Delays should be communicated promptly and motivated to the  Cultural Promotion Office.

The Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Cineteca Nazionale spreads, every year, a large number of copies on the cultural circuit. It is therefore essential to be able to rely on the punctuality and collaboration of users to keep the films in a good state of preservation. Please report in writing all defects found in the projection. If you find an incorrect order of the parts, please report it on a sheet, without changing the order of the boxes in which they are contained at the origin.


Promotion of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Cineteca Nazionale

The logo of the Cineteca Nazionale will have to be present and clearly visible in all the communication in print and online related to the initiative carried out in collaboration. The promotional and communication material produced for the event must be sent digitally to the communication office: comunicazione@fondazionecsc.it.

Product material is: press releases, press material, excerpt of the event’s photographic reports, images and/or media where the Cineteca Nazionale logo is visible, interviews and other audio and/or video material where the collaboration of the Cineteca Nazionale is mentioned.

Communication on social media should be made through a special mention of the hashtag #cinetecanazionale and with references to the following profiles:

Facebook: Cineteca Nazionale

Instagram: Cineteca Nazionale (@Cineteca _Nazionale)


Cultural diffusion: regulations

Law 958 of 29 December 1949, a “de facto” institution of the Cineteca Nazionale, with art. 33 provided for the possibility of using copies of the films acquired as a legal deposit “for public programming, limited to retrospective performances for cultural purposes”. This legislation was followed by L. 4 November 1965, No. 1213 – New order of measures in favour of cinema, reiterating that the Cineteca Nazionale can make use of “acquired copies or other copies printed at its expense for screenings for cultural and educational purposes, and outside of any commercial purpose, organized directly or in collaboration with film culture circles or other cultural bodies”. The cultural diffusion of copies of the Cineteca Nazionale has finally been confirmed in recent years with the D. Lgs.n. 28/2004 – Art. 24 and L. 220 of 2016 – Art. 7.

The Cineteca Nazionale encourages both the study and the research activities of films, aiming to reach students and researchers from Italian and foreign universities.
Le cinque giornate di Dario Argento, 1973. Dario Argento e la troupe davanti al Duomo. Foto di Vincenzo Falsaperla
The photographic archive offers a search service for photographs related the titles or the cast of films for study purposes and/or non-commercial publications.