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Cineteca Nazionale, the Italian National Film Library, established by state law in 1949, it is the most important cinematographic archive in Italy and among the major cinematographic archives in Europe and in the world. It is engaged in the restoration of Italian cinema: great masterpieces and lesser known  works are restored and projected every year, in accordance with the complex articulation of our cinematography.

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Medea di Pier Paolo Pasolini. Costumi Piero Tosi

The collection of the Film Archive of the National Film Library, one of the richest in the world, consists of about 60,000 titles including feature films and short films.

The National Film Library has at the center of its institutional mission the preservation and restoration of the Italian cinematographic heritage.

Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia

The Cineteca Nazionale makes available a vast catalog to the cultural organizations for events without commercial purposes. The catalog is made up of 75% of Italian films. Over 1,500 screenings are organized every year in Italy and abroad.

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Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia

The CSC – Cineteca Nazionale, with the contribution of the General Cinema Directorate – Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities and Tourism (MiBACT), presents the “Portal of the Italian Silent Cinema”. The project was born with the aim of giving visibility and access to the heritage of Italian silent cinema recovered over the years thanks to the commitment of the institutions and the tenacity of scholars

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The concept of Censorship is found where the artistic will to express itself meets the government’s intention to control. The practice of censorship has touched on literature, theatre, painting, without forgetting, inevitably, the Cinema.

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