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Le belle costruzioni hanno fatto il loro tempo. Il cinema di Mauro Bolognini

Author: Andrea Pergolari

Year: 2022

Pages: 238

Publisher: Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia; Rubbettino

ISBN: 9788849875041

Series: Biblioteca di Bianco e Nero

€ 22,00


A prolific director – whose style is highly recognizable and therefore just as easily categorized and immediately labeled (and misinterpreted) – Mauro Bolognini was actually a contradictory and modern figure, in spite of all appearances. Much of his work is centered on the themes of the passage of time and the years of crisis, but he was, first and foremost, a leading figure of our cinema and more: like many other artists of the 20th century, he displayed a special inclination for the use of various media and was one of the great intermediaries within our culture, acting as a bridge between higher and low forms of art, connecting different worlds (Moravia, Pasolini, Pratolini, Brancati, Totò, Steno, Tognazzi, among others) and different forms of expression. He was a rebel in his own way, a Tuscan with an easy smile who never lost his taste for fun, even after he became a leading personality in Italian cinema. This book analyzes the artist’s extreme professional vitality by following the red thread of his relationship with the intellectuals of the time, an inexhaustible source of inspiration and debate, making it one of the most original and nonconformist careers within the Italian film-industry.

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