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Daniele Segre
Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia
November 28, 2019

born in Alessandria in 1952, is a reality cinema author, fiction movies and theatre shows. He began his career as a photographer in Turin in the Seventies; his first films focus on troubled young people. His works have often been nominated at the Venice Film Festival and other international and national events, and he has received several awards, such as the Giuliani De Negri Prize at the Venice Film Festival, the Golden Tulip at the International Istanbul Film Festival, the CICAE at the Annecy Italian MoviesFestival, the Filmmakers Award and the NICE Award in New York. In 1981 he establishes I Cammelli, a film production company, and in 1989 the Scuola Video di Documentazione Sociale (active till 1997). Since 1996 he has been teaching film directing at the CSC Rome. In November 2012 he was awarded with a gold medal by the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano; in November 2012 he received the Maria Adreiana Prolo Career Award. In June 2015  the CSC confers him a honorary degree for topical historical report. Since 2014 he's the artistic director of the audio-visual reportage.

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