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In spirito, an exercise by Nicolò Folin, presented at Cannes’ La Cinef
Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia
May 22, 2024

In spirito, an exercise by Nicolò Folin – student of the Directing course of CSC - Scuola Nazionale di Cinema – has been presented in world première, May 21st , at the Cinef [Cinefondation]: a section that focuses specifically on discovering new talents, and selects every year fifteen to twenty short and medium finls coming from cinema schools all around the world. 

Other then the director Nicolò Folin, the official screening, that took place at the Buñuel Theatre, was attended by the interpreters Beatrice Bartoni and Marco Folin, the co-writer Francesco Bravi, the director of Photography Enrico Licandro, the composer Lorenzo Barcella, set designer Vanessa Bondesani and costume designer Rita Guardabascio.

Edited by Bianca Vecchi, sound recording by di Samuele Infantone, sound editing by Antonio Stella and Tommaso Libero di Lorenzo, mix Rainer Russo, executive producers Arianna Pecorella and Anna Giuliano.

Set in 1499, In spirito is the story of Lucia, a twenty years' old 'living saint' whose stigmata are famous throughout Italy. The Duke of Ferrara sent his men to Viterbo to pick her up clandestinely and the young courtier Zoanin and the captain of the ducal crossbowmen escort her. During the journey through woods and abandoned villages, Zoanin will have to decide the fate of the young woman.

In spirito is a production CSC - Scuola Nazionale di Cinema. The short film is distributed by Premiere Film and will be available soon on the online platform Rai Cinema Channel.

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