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Writing has been around for thousands years but, thanks to film-making, it has achieved one of its most complete forms by reaching a new, deep narrative density. Through teaching, exercises and workshops that provide students screenwriting tools and stimulate their attitudes, skills and creativity, during the three – year course all aspects of film writing


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The Abruzzi CSC campus was established in L’Aquila in 2011 thanks to an agreement between the Abruzzo Region, the Province, the City Council and the Ministry of Cultural and Touristic Affairs. The three-year educational offer is destined to the future film makers who want to acquire highly specialised technical, artistic and professional skills in the


The course provides future directors with the skills — both critical and operational — which allow them to express and develop their talent and therefore get them prepared to a costantly evolving profession. During classes students examine, discuss and test all researches and studying methodologies with the purpose to get a full knowledge about the


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One of the most interesting asked question is the difference between acting on a stage and acting on a film set. Although some parts of the trainings are similar, the differences are actually various: photogenic, concentration rhythm, improvising, ability in memorizing lines, in reacting and moving rapidly while performing. Through teachers’ detailed work we’ve developed

Advertising and Industrial Cinema

The CSC Lombardy campus, established in Milan in 2004 thanks to an agreement between the Fondazione Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia and Lombardy Region, is committed to training new professionals in the field of industrial film communication, documentary and advertising. Since 2010, the campus is located in viale Fulvio Testi in Milan, on the grounds of

Film Production

This course gives the students fundamental skills to express and develop their attitudes to face the professional world and therefore to access to the different production sectors as producers, executive producers and general organizers. The program is divided into three phases and between them students will experience internship in film and television companies. During the

Film Editing

The Editing program aims at training professionals in the field of audio-visual post-production. The first year is dedicated to the technical equipment knowledge deepening and to the film editing project development. Through the analysis of the cinematographic language, classes based on film vision and commentary, and the highlight of meaningful sequences from a film editor’s


From the early years of the new millennium, the creative documentary genre is the one that has most helped filmmakers from the new generations experiment with different practices and approaches without fearing to deal with the contamination of genres and the hybridisation of languages and formats. CSC Sicilia, established in 2008 following an agreement between

Costume design

The Costume Design course is based on three fundamental phases: costume design, cutting workshops, and make-up and hairstyle seminars. During the first year, students are requested to focus on the design of costume. They study a given historical period by way of classes on Costume history and Iconographic documents. Once they have acquired the ability

Conservation and management of the audio-visual heritage

The course in Conservation and Management of the Audio-Visual Heritage is focused on the entire range of activities revolving around film preservation in terms of both its history (film stock) and recent developments (digital image). The three-year course’s scope goes beyond the technical aspects of archiving work; in fact, its mission involves a wide range