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Gloria Radulescu / Actress
Name Gloria
Surname Radulescu
Height 1,70
Eyes Blue
Hairs Dark blonde
Languages Italian, English
Size 42
Sport classical and contemporary dance, aerobics, horseback riding, tennis, volleyball, swimming, Argentine tango, aerial acrobatic, free-body acrobatic ( aerial fabrics, circle, trapeze)
Hobbies Musical instruments: basic skill of flute and melodica


Born in Rome on September 25th, 1991

Dialects: Bari and Naples



2016 internships with Marcello Cotugno, David Warren, Furio Andreotti;

2014/2016 Acting course at the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome;

2013 acting and diction diploma at the “Teatrificio22”, professor Claudia Lerro;

2012 singing course and teaching voice with Luigi Palumbo




2019 “Il Paradiso delle signore 4”, various directors (protagonist)

2018 “Il Paradiso delle signore 3”, various directors (protagonist)

2017 “Don Matteo 10”, directed by Jan Michelini;

2017 “Le tre rose di Eva”, directed by Raffele Mertes;

2016 “Non dirlo al mio capo”, directed by Giulio Manfredonia;

2015 “Il sistema”, directed by Carmine Elia, “IIF” production;

2015 “Provaci ancora prof 6”, directed by Enrico Oldoini, production Endemol;

2014 “Un passo dal cielo 3”, directed by Jan Michelini, production LuxVide;

2014 video clip Zeroassoluto.



2018 “Attenti al gorilla”, directed by Luca Miniero



2016 Seminar by Theresa Rebeck. Directed by Vito Mancusi;

2016 Felliniana – A Tribute to Maestro Federico Fellini. Conception and stage realization by Mario Grossi;

2015 Incendies, by Wajdi Mouawad. Directed by Massimiliano Vado;

2015 Vento e Bufera, by Michele Di Vito, homage to “Altri Libertini” by Pier Vittorio Tondelli. Directed by Massimiliano Vado;

2015 Ivanov, by A. Chekhov. Directed by Eljana Popova;

2012/2013 theatre workshop at the “Teatrificio 22”.



2017 Web series “Prime donne”, directed by Giacomo Spaconi, Infinity production (protagonist);

2016 Cinecittà Babilonia – Sesso Droga e Camicie nere. Directed by Marco Spagnoli (Documentary).