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Gian Piero Rotoli
Gian Piero Rotoli / Actor
Name Gian Piero
Surname Rotoli
Height 1,78
Eyes Brown
Hairs Brown
Languages Italian, English, French
Size 46
Sport Horse riding, swimming, tennis, weights, pre-boxing, medieval fencing
Hobbies Singing: contralto



Born in Naples on May 18th, 1979

Languages: Fluent English, French

Dialects: Neapolitan, Roman, Sicilian



2012 Experimental Center of Cinematography in Acting – CSC LAB

2009 Balck Nexxus, Susan Bastson, NY. Mr NY.

2008 Teatro Azione – Isabella del Bianco and Cristiano Censi, Rome

1999/2004 Duse International, Francesca De Sapio, Rome

1996 Scientific High School, The Dwight High School, NY, NY.

2004 John Cabot University,  Degree in English Literature

2007 Master’s degree on Italian Renaissance Literature, University College of London




2018 “Beatrice”, short film (director and performer)

2014 “The Young Messiah”, directed by Cyrus Nowrastch

2014 “The Good Italian”, directed by Emanuele Di Bacco

2007 “Nelle Tue Mani”, directed by Peter del Monte



2020 “Lolita”, directed by Luca Miniero

2018 “Catch 22”, directed by George Clooney

2018 “La vita promessa”, directed by Ricky Tognazzi and Simona Izzo;

2018 “Non dirlo al mio capo 2”, directed by Riccardo Donna;

2016 “I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone”, directed by Carlo Carlei;

2015 “Luisa Spagnoli”, directed by Ludovico Gasparini

2015 “Crossing Lines – Seasons 3” directed by Susan Tully

2015 “Ghost Cam” directed by Valentina Bertuzzi

2014 “Due di noi”, directed by Ivan Cotroneo

2013 “Una Buona Stagione”, directed by Gianni Lepre

2011 “Che Dio ci Aiuti”, directed by Francesco Vicario

2010 “Il Signore della Truffa”, directed by Luis Prieto

2007 “Medicina Generale”, directed by Renato De Maria

2006 “Un Posto al Sole”, various directors

2005 “Giovanni Paolo II”, directed by J.K. Harrison

2005 “Callas & Onassis”, directed by Giorgio Capitani



2011 “Il Vaticano Cade”, directed by Enrico Maria Lamanna



2015 Eni commercial