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The Centro Oficial de Estudios Superior de Barreira A+D is located in what once was an ancient brushes factory on the Gran Via Fernando el Católico, which is, in is singularity, source of inspiration and creativity.

The Office

The campus has an area of 3000 sq m allocated to technical classrooms equipped with the most modern technologies, labs, didactic areas, multi-purpose halls, common areas, study rooms and a special space: the Cepillería, where symposiums, exhibitions and events are regularly hold by the Centro.
The tech classrooms are equipped with softwares specific to each and every artistic discipline, and workstations with internet access that enable the students to occasionally work also with their own laptops. A wi-fi network is available in all campus venues.

The teaching method

The Brush method is a methodology proper to Barreira A+D, which philosophy is the result of years of experience, research and innovation.
The teaching rotates around the development of the student’s individual competences, with the goal of maximize their creativity and help them grow their own particular abilities and capacities.
The approach to the study subjects is based on projects that allows the student to learn in an environment linked to the day-by-day reality of the industry. Team work and a multidisciplinary approach between the diverse branches of Design are key aspects of the methodology applied in Barreira A+D. The choice to adopt and constantly encourage educational innovation and the use of new technologies as fundamental support in applied art training make the Brush method a benchmark in Design education.

The town

The school of design Barreira A+D is located in Valencia, the third most important Spanish town, other than the European city that host the largest number of Erasmus students, something not surprising: capital of the Comunidad Valenciana, washed by the Mediterranean, the city offers a high quality of living to its inhabitants, both residents and tourists. Safe, warm, welcoming, friendly, green, cultivated, lively, well communicated: to live in Valencia is an experience marked by sun, joy, and great opportunities of personal growth and professional access.


Manuela Bordoni


The Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Foundation has its headquarters in Rome. The regional offices are located in Turin, Milan, L’Aquila, Palermo and San Servolo (Venice).
Audiovisual Reportage Course Artistic director Francesca Mannocchi Via Rocco Carabba, 2 – 67100 – L’Aquila
La sede del Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia
Everything started in Rome, in the thirties. Today the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia has offices in several italian regions, but for decades anyone who wanted to enter the film industry had to come to Via Tuscolana 1520, where the building designed by Antonio Valente stands.
Sede Lombardia - CSC
Advertisement and Corporate Film course Artistic Director Maurizio Nichetti Ex Manifattura Tabacchi, viale Fulvio Testi, 121 – 20162  Milan
The Animated Film school Artistic Director Chiara Magri via Cagliari, 42 – 10153  Turin
Documentary Courses Artistic director and educational coordinator Costanza Quatriglio Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, Via Paolo Gili, 4 – 90138 – Palermo
CSC Sede Veneto
Course of Immersive Arts Artistic Director: Sara Tirelli, San Servolo Island, Venice