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The CSC – Scuola Nazionale di Cinema at the 72. Berlinale with the short film Le variabili dipendenti by Lorenzo Tardella
Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia
February 12, 2022

The short film Le variabili dipendenti, a graduation essay by Lorenzo Tardella produced by the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, has been presented at the 72nd Berlin Film Festival in the Generation Kplus section.

Accompanying the official presentation of the short, together with the director Lorenzo Tardella: the screenwriters Mara Fondacaro and Elisa Pulcini, the editor Angela Norelli, the director of photography Simone Rossi and the two very young interpreters Simone Evangelista and Mattia Rega.

Le variabili dipendenti is a reflection on the theme of entering adolescence that questions the meaning of intimacy through the stories of the very young Peter and Thomas.

With the selection in the Generation Kplus section of Le variabili dipendenti, the CSC - Scuola Nazionale di Cinema once again confirms the presence of the works of its students in the main international festivals.

When does childhood really end? And what does intimacy truly mean?  Pietro and Tommaso are at the gates of their teenage years. They meet in the lodge of a theater, while the notes of Vivaldi resonate around them.  Is it a first kiss, or is it something else? That same afternoon, surrounded by the silence of the house, they will try to understand it.

It always comes a time when we stop looking in the mirror, and we start to look outside. What we cannot imagine, the first time we do it, is how difficult it is to find our eyes inside those of the person in front of us. To be the same thing. To recognize ourselves in the mirror. .This is what my short film is about: a first clash with intimacy, in a moment of life when there are no rules, and any certainty can collapse in a second.

Simone Evangelista; Mattia Rega
Also starring: Francesco Ortolani, Lorenzo Robustelli, Silvia Venturi

Director: Lorenzo Tardella
Screenwriters: Mara Fondacaro, Elisa Pulcini, Lorenzo Tardella
Cinematography: Simone Rossi
Editor: Angela Norelli
Production Designer: Sara Scodro
Costume Designer: Rebecca Valloggia
Sound: Fabiana Padula
Sound design: Luca Pasini
Music: Fabio D’Onofrio
Produced by Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia

Lorenzo Tardella was born in Narni (Italy) in 1992.
He studied at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, the National Film School in Rome.
His latest short films have been presented in several international film festivals, including “Alice nella città/Rome Film Fest” and “Visioni Italiane - Cineteca di Bologna”.

-Le variabili dipendenti/ The dependent variables (short 2022)
-A fior di pelle / Bare skin (short 2021)
-Quello che resta / Between us (short 2020)
-Edo (short 2019)
-Late Show (short 2018)

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