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Ask the Librarian

“Ask the Librarian” is an online reference and research orientation service that provides remote assistance in cases where information and assistance cannot be used directly at the Library.  The service does not replace the usual assistance in presence and refers to the consultation of the  online catalog.

Information relating the access to the Library:

  • Registration to the Library in order to access the services of the  online catalog (such as the preparation of bibliographies and purchase suggestions) and the commercial electronic resources of the “rete Indaco“.
  • Assistance in finding information and material on a certain topic (not in-depth research capable to replace the user).
  • Indications on research strategies and sources to consult.
  • Supply of full text material (paid service).
  • Information on the Library’s services and its heritage, both paper and electronic.
  • Reservation – at least 24 hours before viewing – of the archival materials and special collections of the Library (archive materials with location: FC, FDM, FONDI, LAV, MUS, PM, SCENEG, ROS, SAV).  Maximum 6 documents per day.
  • For the preparation of reports, dissertations and degree thesis, it’s recommended to make an appointment.
  •  For complex searches.  It’s recommended to make an appointment.

 The maximum processing time for each request is 3 working days.  However, it varies according to the complexity of the request itself.  The reply will be sent by e-mail.

 Requests should be sent by email to biblioteca@fondazionecsc.it

Download the new BiblioChiarini APP: version 4.0 is available on the Android and IOS stores.
They are addressed to groups of students or groups of visitor.
Is the reproduction service of full or partial documents belonging to the Library. Usually the documents are magazine articles or book chapters and are meant for strict personal use and only for study or research.