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Bibliochiarini App

Download the new BiblioChiarini APP: version 4.210.1 is available on the Android and iOS stores 4.210.2

The catalog of the Luigi Chiarini Library – one of the most important cinema documentation centers of the world, with a bibliographic and archival heritage of over 140,000 documents – it’s easily accessible, for several years now, via smartphone and tablet through the BiblioChiarini APP.

The APP, now completely rupdated in graphics and functionality, allows you to:

– search in the catalog

– filter results

– check the availability of a document

– access your personal space

– book or apply for a loan

– monitor your reader situation

– consult the list of loans made

– create or update your bibliographies

– suggest purchases

– have information on timetables and services

– browse new arrivals

– access to Indaco Network resources (e-books, audiobooks, newsstand, digital collections)

– view your user card


The Video

The 4 min. video, entitled “Profondo sospiro dell’uccello dalle piume di velluto grigio”, has been made in the premises of the Luigi Chiarini Library, involving staff, students and teachers of the Centro sperimentale di cinematografia.  Fabio Rosi (subject and director), Nicola Nocella (protagonist), the producer Gianluca Arcopinto (librarian) are ex-students of the center. The lights, filming and editing have been made by Renato Pezzella, teacher of the CSC.

The protagonist, Frank Nocella, arrives at the Library after having booked, through the BiblioChiarini App, a volume about Dario Argento filmography.  Through the book, and his smartphone, Frank magically enters into communication with the protagonists, precisely in the moments of the film in which a crime is about to be committed.  After several phone calls, in an atmosphere of great suspense and tension, he will finally save a character.  In the clip the music of the Goblins of Profondo rosso are recognizable and the lights used are inspired by the work of Luciano Tovoli in Suspiria.  In one scene the protagonist is enraptured by the image of Alida Valli (reference to the film Suspiria, of which the actress was an interpreter) posted on the stairs of the Library.  The films mentioned in the clip are: Profondo rosso, Suspiria, Quattro mosche di velluto grigio, L’uccello dalle piume di cristallo.  In the credits a special thanks to Maestro Dario Argento.

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