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Silvio Laurenti Rosa. Un regista che si confessa

Author: Sergio Toffetti (edited by)

Year: 2016

Pages: 211

Publisher: Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia; Iacobelli

ISBN: 9788862523257

Series: Quaderni della Cineteca nazionale. Nuova serie ; 5

€ 9,90


“La storia del cinema italiano. Ricordi di un regista che si confessa” (The history of Italian cinema. A director reveals all about his memories): this is the title of the typewritten memoirs by Silvio Laurenti Rosa, who directed a number of interesting films about the Risorgimento, such as “Dalle giornate alla breccia di Porta Pia” (1923), “Garibaldi e i suoi tempi” (1926), “I martiri d’Italia” (1927). Following the thread of memories, Laurenti Rosa leads us in front of and behind those screens hurriedly assembled, in the 1910s, by the pioneers of the film industry, which, since the very beginning, ultimately appears to stage its own crisis.