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Giulietta Masina. Attrice e sposa di Federico Fellini

Author: Gianfranco Angelucci

Year: 2014

Pages: 223

Editor: Centro sperimentale di cinematografia; Sabinae

ISBN: 9788898623112

€ 20,00


The book was released on the occasion of the exhibit held at the Teatro dei Dioscuri in Rome (9th-30th of May 2014): it portrays actress Giulietta Masina from a less common perspective, from which the reader will catch a glimpse not only of the much beloved public persona but also of the unique and, to a certain extent, exemplary woman. Giulietta, who won two Academy Awards with La Strada (1954) and Nights of Cabiria (1957), still remains a sweet mystery, quite like the moon, whose sunlit face is the only one we know. The book features a rich iconography: the photos come from the Archive of the National Film Library and the rare posters come from the Swiss collection. The volume is integrated with Giulietta’s filmography, various essays and an afterword by Gian Luigi Rondi, dean of Italian film critics.

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