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Renzo Musumeci Greco
Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia
February 20, 2022
He is a well known Arms Master. Son of Enzo Musumeci (1911-1994), who invented this profession in Italy in the 1930s, Renzo dedicated himself to the didactic and competitive growth of the Musumeci Greco Academy of Arms, with its historic headquarters in the heart of Rome, in the Pantheon. Alongside teaching this discipline he has always been his commitment as a swordmaster in the world of entertainment, working behind the scenes, but also participating personally as an actor-duelist: in particular his interpretations in Io, Don Giovanni by Carlos Saura and in Caravaggio, both with cinematographer Vittorio Storaro, Cartesio, by Roberto Rossellini, L’innocente by Luchino Visconti, and Il deserto dei Tartari by Valerio Zurlini. Since his working debut, which took place in 1968 with the dramatized La freccia nera by Anton Giulio Majano, he has participated in over 200 shows of all kinds: cinema, opera, theater, TV series, advertising, historical reconstructions, etc. 'high professionalism and creativity in setting up duels, while always operating in compliance with the rules of the art of fencing and in complete safety. Among his most recent works, two episodes of Alberto Angela's Ulisse – Il piacere della scoperta(2018-2020), House of Gucci by Ridley Scott (2021) and the TV series Lux Vide Blanca (2021). Over the years he has collaborated with stars such as Tony e Ridley Scott, Max Von Sydow, Placido Domingo, Roberto Bolle, Massimo Ranieri, Mario Martone, Alessio Boni, Monica Bellucci, Jonas Kaufmann, Hugo de Ana, Giancarlo Giannini, Kim Rossi Stuart, Michele Placido, Alessandro Preziosi, Massimo Popolizio, Lino Guanciale and many others.  
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