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The Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia has acquired Tinto Brass’s archive
Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia
March 24, 2023

On Sunday, March 26th, Tinto Brass celebrates his 90th anniversary. Paying homage to the film director, the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia is pleased to announce that Brass’s archive will be deposited at the Cineteca Nazionale and the Biblioteca Luigi Chiarini. After cataloguing, the materials will be available for scholars and viewers.

The new archive collection, named Fondo Tinto Brass, includes prints of his works ranging from his early compilation films to his latest accomplishments as well as 250 large folders and boxes that contain story outlines, treatments, film proposals, contracts, production reports, correspondence, press cuttings, production design sketches, and materials from unfinished or never-made movies: an actual goldmine of documents running through six decades of Italian film history. Mr. Brass has personally taken care of these prints and documents for the whole time, and therefore his archive portrays the entire creative process underlying individual films. The latter was painstakingly recorded by his wife Caterina Varzi, who has collected, rearranged, and classified the materials with attention and competence. According to Alberto Anile, the Cineteca Nazionale curator, «Brass is mainly known for his erotic films, whereas his cinema has actually touched on all genres from comedy to western, influenced as he was by the French New Wave and Roberto Rossellini (for whom he was an editor), and gifted with a peculiar anarchist and humorous spirit. The Fondo Tinto Brass will help bring into focus the figure of this fertile, controversial master of cinema, who has left his mark not only on film but also on society and mores».

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