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La mia Olivetti
Centro visitatori del sito Patrimonio mondiale UNESCO Ivrea, città industriale del XX secolo - 30 Marzo 2022 -
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If the birth of an archive is always a happy news, that of an archive of oral memories is to be welcomed with true enthusiasm, because it allows us to preserve and valorize the heritage that is perhaps most at risk. For this reason, the Archivio Nazionale Cinema Impresa of Ivrea, together with the Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti, is happy to promote “La mia Olivetti” (“My Olivetti”), an event – launched on March 31 – that gathers the “voices” of an entire community, which actively participates in a process of recognition, construction and sharing of the collective memory of a territory, in relation to the history of the Olivetti factory, in Italy and in the world. At the core of the project lie interviews conducted and given by the people, narrators and protagonists of the project, which merge into the Olivetti historical heritage and community, become public narrative and can be consulted on the digital platform https://lamiaolivetti.nuvolar.it, and physically at the Visitor Center of the UNESCO World Heritage site Ivrea, città industriale del XX secolo (“Ivrea, industrial city of the twentieth century”). In this space reserved to Olivetti, it will be possible to give an interview and consult the available heritage.

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