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Silvia Alù / Actress
Name Silvia
Surname Alù
Height 1,60
Eyes Brown
Hairs Brown
Languages Italian, English, French
Size 40/42
Sport dance, acrobatics, fencing


Born in  Palermo on October 30th, 1985

languages: English (good) French (school)

dialects: Sicilian, Neapolitan



2009 Diploma at the Experimental Center of Cinematography,  acting course

2006 Academy of Dramatic Arts of the “Teatro Biondo Stabile” in Palermo

2004 Acting and mime course at the “Stage Centro Danza” association




2015 Mi lascio trasportare  – directed by Francesco Lettieri (video clip by Mezzala)

2014 Condoglianze  – directed by Giuseppe Francesco Maione, produced by  Mirelatives  Pictures (short film)

2014 Ex – directed by Antonio Napoli, produced by Dreams Hill (short film)

2014 How to cure hangover  in April – directed by Francesco Lettieri (music video by K-Conjog)

2013 La Domenica – directed by Francesco Lettieri (music video by Giovanni  Truppi)

2012 Per colpa di Chi , directed by Daniele Barbiero, produced by Luiss (music video by Giuliano Crupi and Isabella Vesco)

2011 Cosa? – directed by Salvatore Aquilani (short film)

2010 Nido di Marmo , directed by Emilio Orofino, produced by Il Pavone (feature film)

2010 Favole – directed by Gabriele Giampieri and Davide Bastolla (music video by Marco  Gollini)

2010 Fratelli – directed by Fabrizio Albertini, produced by CISA Lugano, in competition at the 63° Locarno Film Festival (short film)

2009 Mia Pace Perduta – directed by Michele Vannucci – produced by “CSC Production”, supervised by Marco Bellocchio (short film)

2009 Rubagalline – directed by Daniel Mejia – produced by “CSC Production”, supervised by Marco Bellocchio (short film)

2009 Our Vanishing Night (short film)

2009 Esilio – directed by  Anikò  Gàl  and Emilio Orofino (short film)

2009 Fratelli – directed by Laura Plebani – produced by “CSC Production” (short film)

2009 Ospiti– directed by Piero Messina, produced by “CSC Production” (short film)

2009 Scarpe di neonato mai usate – directed by Germano Boldorini (short film)

2009 Marsala – directed by Marco Morana (medium-length film)

2009 PPPPP – directed by Enrico Maria Artale, produced by “CSC Production” (short film)

2008 L’uomo dei sogni – directed by A. Capitani and A. Mascia, produced by Rai Cinema and Experimental Center of Cinematography (medium-length film)

2008 Consultorio – directed by Danilo Caputo, produced by “CSC Production”

2008 L’inizio da me –directed by Irene  Panusa  (short film)

2008 Santo – directed by Alessandro Pasquarelli, produced by “The Mob” (video clip by Ufficio Sinistri)

2007 Lo stato di natura – directed by Marco Mangiarotti, produced by “CSC Production” (short film)

2007 La Cene e Mp1 – directed by Roberto Antonelli, produced by “CSC Production” (short film)



2014 Vegan Chronicles  – Directed by Andrea Morabito (Webserie)

2013 Senza Contratto – directed by Nicola Di Roma and Carlo  Loforti  – produced by Fili e Lacrime (Webserie)

2012 L’indesiderata – directed by Tommaso Agnese, produced by VelaFilm  (Docufiction)

2012 Youtuber$, The Series – directed by Daniele Barbiero – produced by Luiss (Webserie)

2011 Don Matteo 8  – episode 22 – directed by S. Basile, produced by Lux Vide

2011 Squadra Antimafia, Palermo Oggi – episode 7 – various directors, produced by Tao2

2010 GayHelpLine  – directed by Sebastian Maulucci – produced by Arcigay (Spot)



2009 L’inappetenza  by Rafael  Spregelburd – directed by Manuela Cherubini, “Festival Quartieri dell’Arte di Viterbo”

2009 The Panic by Rafael  Spregelburd  – directed by Manuela Cherubini, “Festival Quartieri dell’Arte di Viterbo”

2009 Si tratta solo di amare taken from “Partitura incompiuta per pianola meccanica” and “Cinque pezzi facili” – directed by  Eljana  Popova

2008 Una giornata particolare based on the film by Ettore Scola – directed by Pierluigi Cuomo

2008 Molto rumore per nulla by W. Shakespeare – Directed by Eljana  Popova

2008 Caracalla by F. Melquiot – directed by Michel Didym, “Festival Quartieri dell’Arte di Viterbo”

2008 Himmelweg by J. Mayorga – directed by Adriano De Santis, “Festival Quartieri dell’Arte di Viterbo”

2008 Zio Vanja by A. Chechov – Directed by Eljana Popova

2006 A piedi nudi by D. Maraini – directed by Pietro Carriglio, produced by “Teatro Biondo Stabile in Palermo” for the “Orestiaidi di Gibellina”

2004 Il crogiuolo  by A. Miller – Directed by Naima Perry,  Agricantus  of Palermo

2003 Macbeth  by G. Verdi – directed by  Eimuntas Nekrosius, produced by “Teatro Massimo of Palermo Foundation”



2014/15 Organizer and Production Director for  Mirelatives  Pictures  srl

Directing assistant for the operas “I Pagliacci” and “Carmen” produced by La Magia dell’Opera  at the Brancaccio Theatre in Rome

2013/14 Deputy Director for Kill Surf  City webzine

2009  Radiodrammi  live on Radio3, directed by Sergio Pierattini

2007  Presenter of the show La piccola storia della Danza, at the “Teatro Massimo of Palermo Foundation”

1998/2005  Dancer of the ballet corps of the “Piccoli Danzatori” at the “Teatro Massimo” in Palermo