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Rajeev Badhan / Actor
Name Rajeev
Surname Badhan
Height 1,85
Eyes Brown
Hairs Black
Languages Italian, English, French, Spanish
Size 48
Sport Swimming, ice hockey, diving, skating, Basketball, horse riding, contemporary dance, martial art, juggling


Born in Feltre (BL) on 31th August, 1983

Languages: Italian and English (Excellent), Spanish and French (basic)

Instruments: Guitar

Others: Motorcycle license



2012: Acting Master directed by Giancarlo Giannini at the Experimental Cinematography Center, located in Lombardy;

2012: Workshop at the “Biennale Teatro di Venezia” with Declan Donnellan and Nic Ormerod;

2012: Workshop at the “Santarcangelo dei teatri” with the “Collettivo Norvegese Ane Lan”;

2012: Workshop at the “casa del cinema” with Antonietta de Lillo, Giogiò Franchini and Cesare Accetta;

2012: Workshop at the “CortiSonici lab” with Mimmo Calopresti, Pier Paolo Pirone and Daniele Carelli;

2011: Workshop at the “Biennale Teatro di Venezia” with Virgilio Sieni;

2011: Workshop at the “Prima Del Teatro” with Ugo Chiti;

2011: Workshop at the “officine IED” with Giorgio Diritti and Alba Rohrwacher;

2010: Diploma at the “Accademia Teatrale Veneta di Venezia”;

2010: Seminar on the utilization of the voice with Chiara Guidi;

2009: Workshop with “Compagnia Sud Costa Occidentale” directed by Emma Dante;

2004: Workshop with Gennadi Bogdanv;

2003: Workshop with Ascanio Celestini;

2002:  Two-year workshop at the “Teatro popolare di ricerca” in Padua;



Bachelore on Medical Biotechnology

Master on Visual Art




2012: “The Best Offer”directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, produced by Paco Cinematografica, Warner Bros;

2011: “La redencion des los pixos”, directed by Jordi Torrent, produced by Duende Picture;

2011: “Nudi alla Meta”, directed by Andrea Prandstaller, produced by Movie Company.



2012: “Foreing Lovers”, directed by Teresa Sala produced by CSC Production (protagonist);

2006: “A spasso con Virgilio” directed by Giorgio Diritti, produced by Arancia Film (protagonist).



2011:  “Il Cavadenti”, directed by Michele Casarin, produced by Pantakin from Venice;

2011: “The secret of Venice”, regia di Emanuele Pasqualini, produced by Pantakin from Venice;

2010:  “Woytzek”, directed by Adriano Iurissevich, produced by Venezia in Scena;

2010: “Mamole e Buli”, directed by Michele Casarin, produced by Pantakin from Venice;

2007:  “L’insurrezione dei semi” by Giuliano Scabia, directed by Lorenzo Rizzato, produced by TPR-CUT

2006:  “Corri Francesco corri”, directed by Lorenzo Rizzato, produced by TPR-CUT