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Mario Grossi
Mario Grossi / Actor
Name Mario
Surname Grossi
Height 1,71
Eyes Green
Hairs Grizzled
Languages Italian, English, Spanish
Size 44/46
Sport Danza contemporanea, tip-tap, pattinatore agonistico
Hobbies Canto


Born in Rome on August 14th,1960


High-School Diploma “Maturità Classica”. Degree-National Accademy of Dramatic Art  “S. D’Amico”



1979 – CUORE BUFFONE by A. Rimbaud, directed by M. Kemeny

1982 – PECCATO CHE SIA UNA SGUALDRINA by J. Ford, directed by. L. Lipperini (role: Giovanni)

1982 – INCANTESIMI E MAGIE directed by  Aldo Trionfo

1983 – A CASO by T. Landolfi directed by L. Salveti

1984 – IL RISVEGLIO DI PRIMAVERA by F. Wedekind directed by L. Salveti

1984 – CHECK IN by A. Warhol directed by M. Manna

1985 – MAHAGONNY by Brecht Weill directed by M. Mete

1986 – DICERIA DELL’UNTORE by G. Bufalino directed by P. Di Marca

1987 – TUTTI AL MACELLO by B. Vian directed by S. Cardone

1988 – GATSBY by H. S. Fitzgerald directed by L. Natoli

1988 – LA GRAZIA UMANA by A. Nediani directed by M. Lucchesi

1988 – ELENA by Euripide directed by L. Salveti (role: Messaggero)

1989 – LA COMMEDIA DELL’INFERNO by Dante curated by Sanguineti directed by F. Tiezzi

1989 – MISTERO E PROCESSO DI GIOVANNA D’ARCO by R. De Simone (role: Messaggero)

1989 – ACCADEMIA by U. Marino directed by A. Corsini

1989 –  PROCESSO A GESU’ by D. Fabbri directed by G. Sepe

1991 – LA MANDRAGOLA by N. Machiavelli directed by L. Parise (role: Fra Timoteo)

1993 – LA PUTTA ONORATA by C. Goldoni directed by G. Pambieri  (role: Lelio)

1994 – MOLTO RUMORE PER NULLA  by W. Shakespeare directed by A. Sixty

1995 – RE LEAR by W. Shakespeare directed by L. Ronconi

1996 – IL SOLDATO by A. Leonico directed by N. Siano

1997 – I MENECMI by Plauto directed by M. Perlini

1998 – GLI AGHI E L’OPPIO by Robert Lepage (Quebek) International Tournee

2006 – FIORI AL PLASMA by R. Biondi directed by Fabrizio Raggi (30° years of AIDS virus isolation)

2007 – ULISSES by J. Joice, curated by Pippo Di Marca

2008 – IL CONTAGIO by W. Siti directed by N. Siano



1984 – OH AMANTE MIA by T. Rattigan directed by L. Salveti for Rai 3 channel

1986 – IL CAVALLO A DONDOLO Rai 1 channel, TV series, directed by R. Meloni

1989 – DON BOSCO directed by L. Castellani

1989 – IL VENTRE DI MARIA directed by M. Perlini

1992 – UN COMMISSARIO A ROMA directed by L. Manfredi

1992 – LA FORZA DELLA TERRA directed by P. Mingoni

1992 – DELLA CADUCITA’ DEI FIORI directed by Exacoustos- Cicinnati

1997 – LUI E LEI scripted for Rai 2

1998 – VITA DA REUCCIO directed by A. Zaccariello

2004 – CARABINIERI 4 directed by Raffaele Mertes

2005 – “33”

2007 – UN ALTRO PIANETA directed by Stefano tummolini

2009- “DON MATTEO 7”, directed by Giulio Base









2004 – CHRISLER coupé


English and Spanish (intermediate level)

He studied singing, contemporary dance, tip-tap. He has been a competitive skater

He participated to various radio broadcasts