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Francesco Calabrese / Actor
Name Francesco
Surname Calabrese
Height 1,87
Eyes Green
Hairs Black
Languages Italian, English, French
Size 48
Sport volleyball (competition), tennis, fencing, dance (modern and contemporary) and basic classic dance
Hobbies Music: guitar. Singing: baritone


Born in Potenza on 13th February,1980

Languages: English (excellent), French (native)



2007  Experimental Cinematography Center, acting course directed by G. Giannini;

2004  Assistant on higher acting course held by Lino Damiani;

2003  Acting course on Strasberg method;

2002  Theater Workshop with Serena Michelotti and Fabrizio Catarci;

2002  Dubbing course at the “Studi doppiaggio Titania”.




2007  “Cronaca di una notte”, directed by Lino Damiani;

2007  “Albakiara”, directed by Stefano Salvati;

2007  “Un passo indietro”, directed by Michele Nanni;

2007  Aria”, directed by Giorgio Arcelli Fontana;

2006   “La bella figura”, directed by Harry Brunjes.



2007  “La Squadra”, Rai.



2009  “Outside”, directed by Charles Boivin, screens at Short Film Corner Cannes 2009;

2008  “L’Oro bianco”, directed by F. Rizzo, screens at the Milano Film Festival 2009;

2008  “504” by V. Notaro, directed by i V. Notaro;

2007  “Tea vaguely orange” by C. Larsen, directed by G. Morassutti and D. Virgilio;

2006  “L’ospiteby Enrico Saccà, directed by Alberto Mascia;

2006  “Un attimo di sospiro” by Sara Colangelo, directed by Sara Colangelo, produced by New York University, Tribeca film festival.



2003  “Sky calcio”, directed by B. Skolnick.

2003  “Fiat Panda”, directed by F. Bruglia.



2008  “Caracalla” by F. Melquiot, directed by M. Didym

2008  “Gabriele” by F. Paravidino, directed by Lorenzo Carvalho D’Amico

2007  “Dal naso al cielo” by L. Pirandello, directed by M. Mckai – Viterbo

2006  “Storie di ordinaria follia” by P. Zelenca, directed by J. D. Puerta Lopez

2006  “Il ragazzo pesce by P.H.Ridley, directed by Roberto Nisi – Rome, Angelo Mai

2004  “Filumena Maturanoby E. De Filippo, directed by Luigi Boccia – Naples

2004  “Black Comedy by Peter Shaffer, directed by Fabrizio Catarci – Rome, “Teatro dei Cocci”

2003  “Onirico by S. Benni, directed by Serena Michelotti – Rome, “Teatro Colosseo”

2003  “Enrico IV by L. Pirandello, directed by Marcello Amici – Rome, “P.le basilica S. Alessio”

2002  “Orion” by D. Rotella, directed by F. Catarci – Rome.

2002  “Da stanislavskij al jazz  written and directed by S. Michelotti – Rome.


Possibility of residency: Paris, Rome, Naples, Salerno, Potenza, Milan, Lecce