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Emanuele Angeloni / Actor
Name Emanuele
Surname Angeloni
Height 1,90
Eyes Brown
Hairs Brown
Languages Italian, English
Size 50
Hobbies Singing


Born in Rome on December 29th, 1988

Languages: English (Excellent)



Experimental Center of Cinematography – National School of Cinema,  Rome;

Encore Music School, Singing lessons, New York;

New York Film Academy,  Acting course, New York;

Canto,  private lessons with Prof. Adriano De Santis,  Rome;

Shanghai Theatre Academy,  Shanghai. China exchange programme;

Stage Combat,  two-week course, East 15 Acting School Loughton, United Kingdom;

Acting,  private lessons with Prof. Mario Grossi,  Rome;

Acting workshop with Prof. Bernard Hill,  Rome;

The Acting Corps School,  theater workshop,  L.A. ;

Diction private lessons with Cesare Barbetti, Rome;

Comedy workshop with Prof. Kari Valero The Laugh Factory,  L.A. ;

Mime Workshop with Prof. Michelle Gigante, Department of Theatre – State University of Buffalo.



2013 “Il Caligola”, reading at the “Museo delle Navi” in Nemi;

2010 “ Ulisse chatta con gli dei, Amleto gioca alla playstation, Raskolnikov legge i fumetti “,  directed by  Eleonora Pippo,  “Festival Quartieri dell’Arte Teatro Olimpico” in  Rome;

2010 “Le cinque rose di Jennifer”, directed by Pierluigi Cuomo;

2010 “L’orfano di Zhao”, directed by Long junjie, “Festival Quartieri dell’Arte” at the Teatro San Giovanni,  Rome;

2010 “Il Compleanno”, directed by Vito Mancusi;

2009 “Lo Zoo di Vetro”, directed  by David Warren;

2009 “Il Panico”, directed by  Manuela Cherubini,  “Festival Quartieri dell’Arte”,  Tuscany;

2009 “L’inappetenza”, directed by  Manuela Cherubini, “Festival Quartieri dell’Arte”,  Tuscany;

2009 “Testi Inediti”, directed by  Massimiliano Bruno;

2008 “Le Tre Sorelle”, directed by  Ejana Popova;

2007 “Chicago”, directed by Marina Francesconi,  “Teatro Euclide” in Rome;

2006 “La Tempesta”, directed by Renato Riccioni,  “Teatro Euclide” in Rome;

2006 “Intorno al Candelaio”, directed by Mario Grossi, “Teatro Cappella Orsini” in Rome;

2005 “Cyrano de Bergerac”, directed by Renato Riccioni,  “Teatro Euclide” in Rome;

2003 “Tutti pazzi per Lucia”, directed by Laura Morante,  “Teatro Euclide” in Rome.



2014 “Caruso”, Spot with Giancarlo Giannini for the high fashion company Caruso, in Soragna;

2014 “Rio Domestici Animali”, television commercial;

2013 “Forse sono io 2”, TV series, directed by Vincenzo Alfieri;

2013 Tv Spot with Maria Grazia Cucinotta for the care of “Psoriasis”;

2012 “Homeless”, short film directed  by Nicolas Peduzzi,  New York;

2011 NIFA short films with student directors from NIFA,  New York;

2009 “Incontri”, short film, directed  by Andrea Fasciani,  Rome;

2003 “Natale in India”, feature film, directed  by Neri Parenti.



2014 Co-Founder of  Ensemble 3.0, a production company that is based on Cinema, Theater and Music.

2014/2015 Original songs written and sung by  Mele Angeloni;

2011 Help direction to Long Junjie, acting course at the Experimental Center of Cinematography;

2012 Co-organizer and tutor of an advanced recitation laboratory with a duration of three months at the Experimental Center in Milan;