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Paolo Fama Collection
The fund consists of a large collection of loose files of Italian and foreign fashion magazines, published between the 1950s and 1970s and belonging to the private collector Paolo Fama. Among the most famous magazines we mention «Burda», «Glamour», «Harper’s bazaar», «Le jardin des modes», «Robes Couture», «Robes et manteaux», «La sposa». Of great interest there are some rare magazine files that show beautiful illustrations of dress patterns. We remind how the fashion of the time – marked by more formal canons than the current ones – imposed a collection of samples, considered indispensable, in order to be always elegant at every occasion. From the choice of some images, there has been realized a set of day clothes, leisure clothes, cocktail dresses and evening dresses. The images were taken from the following magazines: «Croquis», «Graziosa» and «Modeles», magazines published by the publishing house Mamu of Milan, which are owned only by the National Library of Florence and the Braidense of Milan; «Creazioni Marfy», magazine published in Ferrara in 1968 by the eponymous stylistic studio, born as a support for sewing lovers and for the operators of the fashion industry who have foundtypically Italian models style and design; «Lignes parisiennes», with a clear imprint French, published in Paris by the boutique St-Honoré Créations in 1958, during the still roaring years of the thousand ateliers that at the time influenced the international fashion.
You can see a selection of images from the Paolo Fama Collection.
The images shown is forbidden even partial reproduction in any medium.