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Carlo Lizzani: la Storia e le storie
Casa del Cinema, Roma - 03 Aprile 2022 - 01 Maggio 2022
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Here’s another centenary not to be forgotten, in a year so full of anniversaries: on April 3, 1922 Carlo Lizzani was born, an extraordinary intellectual (filmmaker, of course, but also film critic and director of some unforgettable editions of the Venice International Film Festival): to retrace his filmography, from the neorealist beginnings to Hotel Meina, his last film, also means to undertake a journey through the Italian twentieth century, as demonstrated by Carlo Lizzani: la storia e le storie. La lunga stagione del Secolo Breve raccontata da un regista(Carlo Lizzani: History and Stories. The Long Season of the Short Twentieth Century as Told by a Director), a special project by the CSC – Cineteca Nazionale, made in collaboration with AAMOD (Archivio audiovisivo del movimento operaio e democratico) and Casa del Cinema, with the support of the Direzione Generale Cinema e Audiovisivo of MiC. After the debut, on April 3, four more events are scheduled at the Casa del Cinema di Roma: the screenings of Achtung! Banditi (April 10), La vita agra (April 24), Banditi a Milano (May 1), and a round table with historians and scholars (April 13) followed by the screening of the documentary Carlo Lizzani e la storia italiana by Francesca Del Sette, curator of all the events together along with Alberto Anile (curator of the Cineteca Nazionale), Giorgio Gosetti and Giovanni Spagnoletti. 
Please note that at the Luigi Chiarini Library there is the archival and bibliographic fund established at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in 2015, thanks to the generous donation of the children Flaminia and Francesco Lizzani, fully cataloged and freely available upon reservation at biblioteca@fondazionecsc.it.

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