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The Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia announces: Paolo Cherchi Usai is the new director of the Cineteca Nazionale
Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia
17 Giugno 2020

The CDA of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, composed of President Felice Laudadio and board members Roberto Andò, Giancarlo Giannini  and Carlo Verdone, meeting on June 15th 2020, has decided the appointment of Paolo Cherchi Usai as the new director of the Cineteca Nazionale. Cherchi Usai succeeds the Conservative Daniela Currò, whose term had recently expired, the CSC thanks her for the work done in recent years.

Paolo Cherchi Usai is already the educational director of the CSC's Puglia headquarters, based in Lecce: a school where the difficult art of film and audiovisual material restoration is taught. Cherchi Usai is one of the leading authorities in the field of film and audiovisual conservation and restoration: he was director of the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York, one of the most important filmmakers in the world; he is one of the founders of the “Days of Mute Cinema” in Pordenone, the main festival dedicated to the origins of the cinema; he had, and has, assignments at the most prestigious film libraries and universities in the world. By appointing him as director, the Cineteca Nazionale has ensured world-class excellence.

"The Cineteca Nazionale - says Paolo Cherchi Usai-  has two treasures. One is his collection, the result of the initiative and foresight of the nine conservatives and directors who preceded me. The other is the staff: a proven team of professionals, aware of their role as guardians of the national audiovisual heritage and more than ever determined to share it with the public of today and tomorrow. The synthesis between the two ingredients is much more than the sum of the two parts: a cultural institution made up of films, television programmes, photographs and posters, but also of a team that deserves to be supported and valued. In paying tribute to my predecessors - Daniela Currò, Emiliano Morreale, Enrico Magrelli, Sergio Toffetti, and all those who preceded them - I confirm the commitment already made to the President of the CSC, Felice Laudadio: to give the cinema the place it deserves on the international scene, but above all to do my best to facilitate the work of my colleagues, in the name of every spectator, specialized or not. My ideal cinema is a workshop of culture at the service of all citizens.

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